Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The Ups and Downs

The past few weeks have been challenging, exciting, and at times blissful. I had a spurt of productivity with my Suite 101 articles, but this week feel drawn to working on my novel again, and I find I cannot do both. The novel is flowing better, after a week of being a bit stagnant, so I'm grateful for that.

I've had a few bits of good news in my writing career: an article I wrote on life coaching and motherhood, will appear in the August edition of 'Personal Success' magazine (sadly, another unpaid clip, but any publication is great); I received an Editor's Choice Award for my '10 Tips on Green Parenting' article on Suite 101; and I have a spot reading my poetry at the massive O2 festival in London, in early July, thanks to my long-time friend and fellow writer who is editor of 2 magazines that are hosting the spot. So...I feel positive that some of my plugging away is making things happen out there. I also received a copy of the beautiful women's soul poetry collection, 'Brighid's Runes: A Collection of Women's Soul Poetry', compiled by Rachel Mica McCann, in which my poem 'For Sylvia' appears. The proceeds of the book will go towards projects such as the Greenbelt Movement. Planting trees is always a wonderful thing to be involved in. Copies are available from Rachel at

I'd like to focus more on getting into print media again. But I feel overwhelmed by all the possible different directions to go in, and too little time. I remembered recently that I am supposed to be on maternity leave, not working as such yet... but something happened when J hit the 6 month mark, and I needed to do something for myself. At the moment I have a first draft of an article for Juno Magazine, and am trying to think of things to submit to The Guardian.

As for my yoga classes, despite more advertising, still no go there. Which isn't a good feeling, but I have to accept the setbacks with the good. I am giving a 'new mothers writing workshop' in July which I'm currently advertising. I'm looking forward to trying new things and discovering what works (and doesn't work!)

I have been feeling pretty burned out because of the intensity of J's separation anxiety lately. Whew. It's hard work being the other half of someone who is learning how to be a human being. Especially without an extended family or network around me. It's really hard at the moment to have time for me, and I know this is probably going to be even more severe when J becomes more mobile. I think, what did you expect? But it doesn't help to deal with the reality. At the same time, he is becoming more lovely and fascinating by the day, and I love seeing his cognitive and emotional development alongside his motor development. It's a unique experience, seeing a new person unfold, and wondering what he will be like. I felt sad, reading 'Raising Boys' by Steve Biddulph, when he describes being mother to an older boy, and I found it so hard to imagine.

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