Thursday, 1 May 2008

Happy Beltane

I'm off to London today for three days. My stuff takes up one small square of the suitcase (yes, suitcase...gone are the days of a rucksack). I have no idea how I used to take so much with me to London when it was just me. Really looking forward to it... seeing friends that I don't see nearly often enough, and just getting away to a change of scenery...returning to Brighton with a renewed appreciation for how lovely it is :)

I discovered a great concept yesterday, called unconditionality. I'm sure you've come across it in other guises. But the basic idea is that when you are unconditional, you remain open to enjoyment, in fact joy, to come into your experience, no matter what is happening. I find this idea so freeing. It's similar of course to the Buddhist concept of non-attachment, not being attached to any outcome or result or thing, but just acting out of dharma, or right action. But somehow I always found that idea a bit more difficult, because it felt like something moral to live up to. And coming from my Christian background, I sometimes struggle with that, because it sets up my rebellion reaction :)

Anyway, this website, Enjoy Parenting, is great. Particularly article about unconditionality applied to parenting. I signed up for the author, Scott Noelle's daily inspiration emails. Hopefully this will help me keep positive perspective in my parenting.

I also got Writer Mama by Christina Katz yesterday. It's all about how to 'raise your writing career alongside your kids'. So far it's packed with useful information and step-by-step guide. What I really like about it is its guidance on how to find your audience, your niche, and how to pitch articles to the right places. I've been going about all of this rather haphazardly, so I felt a bit intimidated. But I'm sure it's not too late ;)

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Loi said...

unconditionally is an interesting concept ... never really thought of applying it in any situation than when it comes to love ... to love unconditionally is to want the best for the other person no matter what ... so yes it would be good to love the day you're in no matter what happens as well ...